Sunday, November 13, 2016

Lost Maples

One of Alex's co-workers told him about a campsite a few hours away called Lost Maples, where you can go to see the leaves change colors in the fall. Alex has been dying to go ever since, and this year we were finally able to go. The leaves were just starting to change colors, but it was beautiful just the same. 

I was really nervous to go camping with a baby, but Clara did so well! She loved being outside, and since she isn't mobile yet she was content to just sit in our laps. She enjoyed chewing on water bottles and staring at the fire.

I was most concerned with keeping Clara warm at night, so we found and bought what we termed 'The Bear Suit' and brought almost every blanket she owns with us. I stuffed blankets in the bottom of the pack n' play and surrounded her with blankets. She slept through the night both nights, so I think she stayed pretty warm.

We bought a new baby carrier for the camp out so we could go hiking. Clara wasn't a fan of the carrier, but warmed up to it eventually and even fell asleep. I forgot her hat back at camp, so I tried to keep her protected from the sun with Alex's hat, but she still ended up with a mild sunburn. First mom fail.

The camping trip was exactly what we needed. It was refreshing to be outdoors and nice to relax and just spend time together for a few days.

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