Friday, November 18, 2016

Five Months

Size: No appointment this month, but I feel like Clara's growth has slowed down a little bit. The pediatrician told us not to be surprised if her percentiles drop down to more average numbers. Clara is mostly wearing size 6 month clothes. She has a few 3-6 month outfits that still fit. We just moved her up to size 9 pajamas. Clara has moved up to size 3 diapers, but we have quite a few size 2 left, so we're trying to use those up during the day and only wear the size 3 at night.  

Eating: Clara is still a great nurser, but I've continued to have problems pumping enough for her. Luckily I was able to quit my job the day Clara turned 5-months-old, and we only had to give her a full formula feeding once a day for my last week. The pediatrician told us to go ahead and start giving Clara rice cereal-not for nutritional purposes, but to help her get used to the texture. She's been a natural from the beginning and loves eating like a big person. We don't have a highchair yet, but it's worked well enough for us to sit her on the table and have her lean against us.

Sleeping: Clara is sleeping about as well as she did last month. She sleeps well for Alex in the mornings, although she's been waking up earlier and earlier for him. Naps with the babysitter are sporadic and unscheduled. She averages about a half hour nap with the babysitter. I know she needs to be sleeping more than that. Hopefully now that I'm not working anymore we can get her on a better afternoon nap schedule.

6:00: Clara wakes up to nurse, or I make her wake up. Occasionally it's a little earlier 6, and on the weekends she can go longer sometimes. After she eats I give her to Alex and she hangs out in the bouncer next to him while he gets me breakfast and gets my lunch ready for work.
7:00-9/9:30: Morning nap
9/9:30: Clara wakes up and does tummy time, plays, or reads stories.
10: Eats a bottle (my last week of work this was formula)
10:30-11:30: Second morning nap OR plays OR sits in the bouncer while dad cooks dinner/gets ready for the day
11:45: Leave for the babysitters house

Clara has been much better about waiting until 1:00 to eat with the babysitter. Her naps are still really all over the place, but I think 2-2:30 is her preferred nap time. Our regualr babysitter went out of town this month, so we've been having a lot of our back-up babysitters watch Clara. It's been hard to shuffle her around so much, but she's been a trooper. Toward the end of the month Alex has a few days off of work and could stay home with her all day, which was a huge help.

4:00: Pick Clara up from the babysitter and feed her (she's been much better about eating at the babysitters)
4:30: Drive home
5-6: Takes a nap or plays on her mat or in her bouncer
6:00: Nurses
6:30: We stopped going on walks because it got too dark outside. I started getting her ready for bed before her last fedding before bed. Her bedtime routine is: bath, pajamas, story time, family scriptures and prayer.
7:00: Clara eats and then I rock her to sleep.

-First solids-rice cereal
-First Halloween
-First time with baby tylenol-she was teething really bad at the beginning of the month and we had to give it to her a few times
-Started burping herself
-Found her feet
-Went camping for the first time

-Playing with her feet
-Books: new favorites include The Tiny Seed crinkle book, and First 100 Words
-Sitting in the boppy
-Sitting or standing while playing, although she can do neither independently
-Talking and chatting, especially with strangers
-Plastic waterbottles
-Technology-she can't get enough of the TV, laptops, and cell phones. We really try to shield her from them, but they're everywhere! She is great at finding the TV in restaurants, and loves when we do hangouts with our family since we let her talk to people on the phone. She gets very upset when we take devices away.

-Dislikes having her arms dressed
-Tummy time
-When her caregiver leaves the room-she has to see you at all times!

Things to Remember:
-Grandma Leavitt came to visit for two weeks and was so helpful! It was nice for Clara not to have to go the the babysitters everyday and hang out with grandma
-Has a red patch under her left eye when she cries-it takes a while to go away
-Likes to stand in your lap and have a conversation with you, especially after nursing
-Is a social butterfly, and loves to go on outings and people watch
-Went camping for the first time and did amazing! She slept so well and loved being outside
-Moans as she falls asleep in the car seat-it's the cutest!

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