Sunday, September 18, 2016

Three Months

Size: No pediatrician appointment this month, so not sure on height and weight, but Clara is definitely growing! The last week she's been going through her three month growth spurt. She looks quite a bit bigger to me. Clara is currently wearing size 3-6 months, and even some 6-9 month clothing (gerber brand). She's grown out of her 3 month pajamas and I don't think she'll be in her 6 month pajamas very long. Her SwaddleMe blanket looks like it actually fits her now instead of like she's drowning in it. Clara's growing so fast she may not get to wear some of her warmer weather 6 month clothing-it's still in the 90's in Texas, so there's no need for jackets and long sleeved onesies yet. Clara also started wearing size two diapers.

Eating: Clara is eating really well this month. She's still doing great both nursing and drinking from the bottle while she's with Alex and the babysitter. Clara has become a very efficient eater this month and I am so grateful! When I first started back to work I would plan for an hour to nurse in the mornings, but now I only have to plan for a maximum of  twenty minutes. When she has a bottle, Clara's been eating around 5-7 ounces. This month I had to change Clara's nursing location. I used to watch a TV show in my chair in the living room while Clara ate. Clara started paying attention to the TV when I would burp her, so I would just try and turn her away from it. Sometimes it worked, but she's really good at turning her head pretty far from side to side. One time Alex put his face right in front of Clara's to block the TV and she started to cry. I started feeding her in the nursery after that. Clara's been changing her eating schedule this past week, so we're working on figuring out what she wants.

Sleeping: I almost don't want want to document how Clara's sleeping so I don't jinx it. Clara is doing amazing with her sleep! She sleeps through the night, and sometimes I have to wake her up in the morning to eat so I can feed her before work.  She sleeps about 8-9 hours on an average night. If she wakes up early it's usually around 3-3:30 and she falls back to sleep easily after eating. It can sometimes take a while to put Clara to sleep, but if we're good at reading her cues it doesn't take as long. Alex is really great at getting Clara to fall asleep in her crib, but he still has to bounce and rock her a lot of the time. Our babysitter, Sarah, ends up just laying her in her pack and play a lot because Clara doesn't like her to rock her. (We think it's because she's breastfeeding her baby and Clara doesn't like the smell of her breastmilk.) Clara doesn't let me jut lay her down to sleep. I have to bounce/rock her while she's laying on my chest. She loves snuggling into my chest, which melts my heart, but it would be nice sometimes to let her fall asleep in her bed. I've only been able to get her to fall asleep after she's been laid down a handful of times.

Schedule: Clara is still young so she doesn't have a strict schedule, we mostly just follow her cues. However, since I'm working and she has three different caregivers during the day she does have somewhat of a schedule.

5:30/6: Clara wakes up to nurse. She usually gets tired pretty immediately after eating and Alex puts her back to bed while I get ready for work.
6:30-9/9:30: Morning nap
9/9:30: Clara wakes up and always gives Alex a huge smile. He changes her diaper, takes off her pajamas, does a few minutes of tummy time, and then feeds her a bottle.
9:30-10: Playtime with Daddy-sing songs, read books, talk to each other, make goals to be happy for Mom that night, etc.
10-11:30: Second morning nap
11:30: Leave for the babysitters house

Clara's schedule varies while she's at the babysitters, but she usually eats another bottle between 12:30-1:30, has some play time, and then takes a nap around 2-2:30 until I come to pick her up at 4:00.

4:00: Clara nurses at the babysitters
4:30-5: Drive home
5-6: Takes another nap or plays on her mat or in her bouncer
6:00: Nurses
6:30-8: Playtime/Walk/Fussy time-Clara really likes the outdoors so I try and take her on a walk everyday. She also is more fussy around this time and just likes to be held a lot.
8:00: Nurse, bath, pajamas, story time, family scriptures and family prayer
9:00: She's usually asleep around this time or a little later

This is her most recent routine. She was starting her bedtime routine around 9 pm earlier in the month, but she adjusted it up to 8:30, then 8 pretty quickly.

She's been adjusting her schedule again with me this last week, and we're still working on figuring out what she wants. Lately when I've picked her up from the babysitter she will scream at me if I try and feed her. I think she's actually been tired because she falls asleep in the car on the way home (sometimes on the way to the car), and then wants to eat at 5. She's been wanting to eat earlier at her bedtime feeding too, but I've been doing my best to have her wait until 7:30-8 so that she'll still sleep until I have to wake up for work.

-Clara started to notice the toys hanging on her play mat, and later started reaching for them.
-She also started reaching for her books.
-Clara has gotten much better at tummy time, for which I'm very thankful because I've always been a little worried about her in that area.
-She smacks her lips a lot, especially right after eating.
-She likes to suck on her hands but thankfully hasn't found her thumb yet. She won't take a pacifier as a substitute for her hands, she just spits it out.
-Clara has become very vocal and likes to imitate sounds and have conversations. She's the most vocal for mom.


-Mom and dad and gives them the biggest smiles
-Going for walks in her stroller
-Sitting in her bouncer
-Bath time! She doesn't cry at all anymore during bath time except for when I put her arms in her pajamas. Otherwise she's all smiles.
-Books: "Peek-A-Who" and "10 Little Ladybugs"
-Song: BYU Fight Song-she loves when I sing it to her and likes when I do hand motions with her.


-Getting dressed and undressed-it's mostly her arms that she doesn't like.
-Reclining in the stroller-she wants to be sitting up like a big girl, even though she's not able to support herself all the way yet-I usually have to help her sit back up a few times.

Things to Remember:
-Clara had her first cold at 10 weeks old. It was so sad to see her not feeling well. Her nose got super runny and she would cough occasionally. Luckily it didn't get too bad or last too long. We turned the humidifier on in her room right when her symptoms started and that helped a lot. I didn't even have to pull out the Nose Frida! She also never had trouble eating from the congestion which I was so grateful for. She slept a lot and we just tried to keep her as happy as possible. She was such a trooper-you could tell she didn't feel well, but she was still so sweet and happy and didn't fuss too much.
-Clara's poop became a lot more potent earlier in the month. We think it might have been from her two month vaccines, because they've gotten better as the month has gone on.
-Clara said goodbye to her first babysitter, Amy (they moved to Idaho), and started going to my friend Sarah. She has a baby a few months older than Clara, so I was nervous how the situation would work, but it's ended up being really great and not too bad from Sarah's reports. Her husband is able to help her three days a week which is nice.
-Clara went swimming for the first time! We had a play-date with her friends Johny and Michael. We figured Clara would like the pool since she loves bath time so much and we were right. She only lasted about 10 minutes but you could tell she really liked it.
-Clara is tolerating the Solly wrap a lot better! She spent almost an hour in it with me the other night.

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