Thursday, August 18, 2016

Two Months

Size: Clara looked great at her pediatrician appointment this month. Stats: 12 lbs. 13 oz. (85%), 23 1/4 inches (85%), and head circumference of 39.5 cm (85%). The doctor said she is very proportional. She's wearing size 0-3 month clothing, and size 1 diapers. 

Eating: Clara has been doing a pretty good job still with her eating. She nurses 30-60 minutes, and the timing can really differ. We transitioned out of using the football hold since Clara was getting too long for it. We saw a lactation consultant again this month to help with the transition to going back to work. We started giving Clara a bottle once a day 4-7 times a week around 6 weeks old to prepare for me going back to work at 8 weeks. I was really nervous about having a milk supply, and how I was going to pump at work because Clara was still eating every three hours and I knew I couldn't pump that often at work. The LC calmed my fears though and helped me set up a pumping schedule for two times during work, and she assured me I would have enough for Clara. I was also having concerns about Clara's nursing. Sometimes she won't latch and will cry when I try to feed her. I can tell she's hungry but she screams instead of latching. The LC said she may be having a hard time because the nipple on a bottle/pacifier is a lot harder, so she might be having trouble with the real thing. She said to put my pinkie finger in her mouth to initiate sucking, and then to hurry and switch it out for the nipple. It's actually worked quite well! I also had concerns about Clara's grunting/kicking/arm smacking while she ate-I didn't know if she was having trouble getting enough milk. The LC didn't seem concerned about it though, and said she's probably just enjoying herself.

Sleeping: Clara has been sleeping pretty well. Some nights I think she's classified as "sleeping through the night" since she'll sleep a 6 hour stretch at a time. Clara usually goes down around 10-10:30, and then will wake up anywhere between 3-4:30. She goes back to sleep easily after eating, and sleeps for another 3-5 hours.

Schedule: Clara doesn't really have a schedule yet. She's young so we just read her cues. She typically follows the eat/play/sleep schedule though.

-Clara started her true smiles this month. She gives the biggest smiles to familiar people-mom, dad, and grandma.
-She loves to kick
-She seems more content with life this month
-Learned to coo and make vocalizations


-Bath time
-Being naked
-Being on her changing pad and kicking her legs
-People watching, especially mom
-Being held facing out (so she can people watch!)


-Getting out of the bath-she cries pretty much every time we take her out and wrap her in her towel.
-Getting dressed-she cries every time.
-Socks/shoes (although she's doing better at tolerating them)

Things to Remember:

-Clara had her first diaper rash at 5.5 weeks old. We treated is aggressively and it healed really fast. We switched her to Water Wipes 100% of the time, and she hasn't had a problem since.
-Clara was blessed this month, and we had a lot of family come in to town for it.
-Clara's only health concern this month was when she spit up blood the morning of her blessing day. Luckily she never acted any differently than her normal, happy self, and everything resolved easily.
-Clara started sleeping in her crib full-time. We waited until after all of our company left the house. I wasn't feeling ready for her to leave our room, but she outgrew the bassinet so I was forced into the transition. She did great with it since we've been having her take naps in her crib for a while. I was the one who needed help transitioning. The first night we put her in her bassinet, and then after she woke up in the middle of the night I put her back to sleep in her crib. The next night she slept full time in her crib and she's been there ever since.
-We are starting to be able to distinguish her different cries-hungry/tired/mad
-Clara has been giving the biggest smiles! Especially when you lay her in her crib.
-She's doing much better at being held by other people. She still gets tired, but she's tolerating it much better.
-I went back to work and Clara started going to the babysitter. My friend Amy is going to watch her for two weeks until they move.
-Clara got her 2 month vaccinations, and she cried harder than we have ever heard her cry. She calmed down fairly quickly in my arms, which really surprised me because she was hungry by the time she got her shots. She was sleepy for the few days after the vaccines, but otherwise she was acting normal. I hated having to take her band aids off, but I did it right before she ate and she calmed down quickly.

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