Thursday, August 11, 2016

Clara's Blessing

Clara's blessing day was lovely and wonderful, but the day started out horribly. 

Our church starts at 8:30 am, and I had woken up early to get ready. I sent Alex into Clara's room to wake her up so I could feed her. Suddenly, Alex comes in our room holding Clara, and says, "I don't want you to freak out, but Clara spit up blood." I rushed past him into her room and saw two spots of bloody spit-up on Clara's sheets. I did start freaking out a little bit, but luckily Clara was acting happy and well. We quickly called the after-hours nurse at our pediatrician's office. She asked if I had any cracked nipples and we told her I did on my right side. She said that my nipple may have bled and Clara just spit up the little bit that got in her stomach, but bloody spit-up could also mean stomach or intestinal problems. She told us protocol was to send us to the children's hospital. We told our about the blessing, but she told us not to wait and go straight in.

I was really upset, because I was worried about Clara's health, but also really disappointed that it sounded like we couldn't have Clara's blessing-and we had family in town that had come so far! 

We called our families, and everyone seemed to feel that the problem wasn't as severe as the nurse was making it out to be. Our families hurried and came over, and Alex, my dad, and Alex's dad gave both Clara and I a blessing. We talked about it and felt that it would be okay to go ahead with the blessing and then go from there.

We had been texting the bishopric, letting them know we may not do the blessing, and then that we were coming but would be late. Unfortunately, they had no announcements and the shortest song in existence for the opening hymn, and we made it to the church just as they started the sacrament. We waited in the foyer, and as soon as the bishop stood back up to the pulpit Alex walked inside with Clara. Luckily the bishop was very nice and flexible and announced we would be blessing Clara. 

Alex did an amazing job with the blessing and it was so special to have both our dad's there.

It was also really special to have my cousin's husband Nate participate in the blessing. Nate and Aubrey lost their baby girl a few weeks before Clara was born. When we got married Alex and I decided we would only have grandparents and uncles in the circle for blessings and confirmations for our children, to try and follow the church handbook guidelines to have smaller circles. However, after Nate and Aubrey lost Evie, it just felt right that Nate should be apart of these special times for Clara. It felt like what Clara and Evie wanted. 

After the blessing, I went to the mother's room with my mom to feed Clara (we had been directed to only feed her on the non-cracked side) and Alex called Dell Children's hospital. We're really glad we called instead of just going in like the nurse had told us, because the nurse at the hospital told us not to come in. She told us that since Clara was under three months the risk of her picking up something at the hospital was too great and to just monitor her. 

Clara never acted unusual or different, and we let my nipple heal and everything was fine. 

After the block we had lunch and dessert at our home with our family and enjoyed everyone's company. 

It was a special day, and I'm really grateful for the peace the spirit brought so that we felt like we could bless Clara. 

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