Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Blessing Visitors

We were so lucky to have family come to Texas for Clara's blessing. 

My mom came early and stayed for two weeks to help get ready for company and for the blessing. It was so great to have her come help again.

My sister Allison came for a week to visit, and she was so good with Clara! Allie could get her to calm down easily when others couldn't, and Clara loved to smile at and look at her. 

The weekend of the blessing my dad, Alex's parents and Alex's brother Sam flew in on the same plane. 

Alex's family was very excited to meet Clara, especially his mom. Cheryl and Sam fought over who got to hold her, and Alex's dad couldn't stop taking pictures.

Sadly, my dad was pretty sick when he flew in, so he just went straight to the hotel to sleep. I was so sad he was sick and had to stay away from Clara. Luckily he started feeling better by the end of his trip, and he got to hold Clara the day before my family flew home.

My cousin and her family, who live in Houston, drove in Saturday afternoon. We had quite a group of people and we were so grateful so many people came to support us and to support Clara.

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