Monday, July 18, 2016

One Month

Size: Clara didn't have a one month pediatrician appointment, so we're not sure on her stats, although we can tell she's growing and gaining weight like a champ! She is currently wearing size 0-3 month clothing, but mostly because she didn't have too many newborn things. Her newborn pajamas are too short, but her newborn jumper still fits. Clara is transitioning from newborn sized diapers to size 1.

Eating: Clara is doing alright with her eating. She has exclusively breastfed since her pediatrician appointment at one week. She usually nurses for about 40 minutes, but can go for over an hour when she's going through a growth spurt. Nursing has been stressful and hard, but with help from the lactation consultants in the hospital, and one appointment with an LC a few weeks later, things have been going well. I learned that I have to switch between the football hold and cross cradle hold otherwise my milk ducts get sore. Clara has been pretty good at her latch from the beginning, for which I am thankful. Clara is a pretty good burper, but she does spit up a lot! Sometimes I wonder if she keeps anything inside.

Sleeping: Clara is a good little sleeper. On average, she goes 3.5 to 4 hours between feedings at night, but her record is 6. She was a little colicky for about a week between 3 and 4 weeks. We use a swaddle blanket or swaddle suit for Clara when she sleeps. I decided that to help her distinguish between day and night we would only use the SwaddleMe suit at night because it's harder to break out of. During the day we use a swaddle blanket. Clara has a love/hate relationship with swaddling. It helps her sleep better, but she doesn't like having her arms and legs restricted. We stopped trying to wrap the bottom of the blanket up when we swaddle her, and we just let it hang loose. She likes it better that way to allow her legs the freedom to move as much as she wants. I've been calling Clara our little Houdini since she's really great at getting her arms and legs our of the swaddle blanket while she sleeps. We've found her in some pretty funny situations when we check on her during naps. She's also great at pulling her headbands over her eyes while she sleeps, which makes her cry, so we've had to start taking them off before her naps.

Schedule: Clara doesn't really have a schedule, other than we wake her up to eat every three hours. We were told to do this because of her jaundice in the hospital. At our two week appointment our pediatrician said we didn't need to wake her up anymore, but that we could during the day to help her sleep better at night. It's worked pretty well so far!


-Bath time-now that she can have submerged baths!
-Snuggling and sleeping on mom's chest
-Playing with dad
-Laying on dad's shoulder, with one hand stretched over his shoulder and the other pushing up on his chin.
-Kicking her legs on the play gym
-Having her hair brushed
-Music/singing-it can calm her down even when she's extra fussy
-The car-she usually falls asleep during car rides-except when we dropped Grandma Leavitt off at the airport.
-Going for walks in her stroller to get the mail


-Having her face and hair washed in the bath
-Getting out of the bath
-Story time (I think she just doesn't like how we hold her when we read to her.)
-Tummy time
-The Solly wrap
-Mittens and socks-she always finds a way out of them!

Things to Remember:

-Clara's umbilical cord fell off at 11 days old.
-Clara will take a pacifier, but she spits it out as soon as she's done needing it.
-Makes a duck face when she wakes up from naps.
-Clara grunts while she eats and when she wakes up from her naps
-Clara met Grandma Leavitt, Uncle Clay and Aunt Courtney, and mom's cousin's Lindy and Clay.
-Has two dimples
-Has some curl in her hair
-Clara has her dad's eyes and her mom's lips
-Clara had colic between 3 and 4 weeks old

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