Friday, June 24, 2016

Coming Home with Clara

On Thursday, June 23rd, around 3 in the afternoon we were finally given the all clear to go home. Alex was especially excited and hurried to get everything ready to go. Since I had technically been discharged the day before, I was given the option of taking a wheelchair down to the car. I decided to be good and initially said yes, but once I saw it waiting for me I felt a little silly and decided to walk. I should have taken the wheelchair. I was pretty slow, but we eventually made it to the car. I was excited and nervous about going home, and was so grateful once again that my mom had come early to help. I couldn't believe the hospital was letting us take a baby home, and half believed the only reason they did was because there was a 'real' adult with us. It was nice to get outside in the sunlight again and an even better feeling walking into our house with sweet Clara.

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