Sunday, January 17, 2016

16 Weeks

How far along? 16 weeks! 

How big is baby? The size of a dill pickle.

Total weight gain/loss: Our scale was packed up for the move! At least the Dr. is keeping track of my weight...

Maternity clothes: I've been wearing a lot of maternity shirts, and whipped out one pair of maternity pants this week. They're a little big still and kept falling down all day. It was weird adjusting to the big stretchy waistband.

Sleep: Sleep has been better this week. I found our one blanket that wasn't packed away and have been sleeping with that wadded up. It's helped a lot as far as comfort goes. 

Best moment this week: Getting to hear the heartbeat at our appointment. I totally guessed wrong on where the baby was. I thought it was hanging out on my right side, but it was right in the middle. It took them a while to find the baby again. Again, I wasn't worried at all. It was great when we finally got to hear it though. The heartbeat was around 140 bpm.

Movement: Nope

Food cravings: No real cravings this week.

Food Aversions: No real aversions either-just anything that makes me gag.

Gender prediction: Alex says boy, and I'm leaning even more toward boy. My sister-in-law also had a dream the baby was a boy (she wants it to be a girl). I don't know why a few dreams are affecting my prediction so much, but it's really hard not to let them. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: My nausea was really bad at the beginning of the week. I decided to talk to my doctor about taking some medicine for it as the nausea has really been affecting my work. But for the first time ever she seemed hesitant to give it to me, saying that I should be feeling better  soon. I don't know what my doctor did, but the nausea's basically been gone since my appointment. I HOPE THIS LASTS! I've also been feeling really fatigued this week. I've taken a nap almost every day. And... the pain in my upper right ribs is back. Maybe my new bra isn't working so well after all.

What I miss: Not having some sort of physical symptom causing me discomfort. 

What I am looking forward to: Our next appointment when we get to see the baby and find out the gender!

Upcoming appointments/events: Our next appointment is February 10th, and we find out the gender!

Milestones: Surviving the nausea? Hopefully?

Miscellaneous Info: At my latest appointment I talked to the doctor about some intense itching in my ankles. It's seriously been driving me a little crazy. I've heard about cholestasis but was thinking that probably wasn't it because a lot of things don't match up for me. But I wanted to let my doctor know just to be safe and see what she thought. She figured it was probably nothing, but sent me to get blood work anyway. 

We also moved this weekend! It was a really weird move for me. We weren't prepared for it at all. Luckily a lot of our things were already in boxes, so we were able to move the big pieces of furniture and all the pre-packed boxes. Conveniently, we were able to move over MLK weekend, so we have another full day for moving. One of the really different things about this move is that I can't really do a lot. The doctor gave me a 25 lb. limit, and even then Alex wouldn't let me do a lot. I loaded the car with our bedding and pillows and all of the couch cushions. I also did some cleaning, some packing, and a lot of sitting around. 

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