Sunday, December 6, 2015

10 Weeks

How far along? 10 weeks!

How big is baby? The size of a prune.

Total weight gain/loss: 6 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Not yet!

Sleep: I've been sleeping alright, but not as great as in the past. I've been having really weird dreams, which make for more restless sleep. I'm also not as comfortable sleeping on my stomach all the time, and that makes it harder for me to sleep as well. Also, neighbors! I can't wait to move into our house.

Best moment this week: Being one week closer to Christmas break and the end of the first trimester.

Movement: None yet, but according to my apps the baby is moving around a lot, and thinking about that makes me happy.

Food cravings: No real cravings, I just want food that won't make me feel awful.

Food Aversions: My aversion is thinking about food. I hate thinking about what I want to eat for any meal, it always makes me start to gag.

Gender prediction: Alex says boy, and I am starting to lean toward boy too, but I'm still unsure.

Pregnancy Symptoms: I have had a horrible time with gagging and dry heaving all week. Saturday night and all day Sunday have been extremely awful. Part of me just wants to throw up, because I feel like it might make me feel better. 

What I miss: Enjoying food and being able to think about it without gagging.

What I am looking forward to: Not gagging or dry heaving anymore. (Can you tell what's been consuming my thoughts this week?)

Upcoming appointments/events: Our next appointment is on December 17th.

Milestones: I'm finally in the double digits and am 1/4 of the way through the pregnancy!

Miscellaneous Info: I told the YW President about the pregnancy today. I've been meaning to tell her for the past few weeks, but never found a good time to tell her with the busyness of Thanksgiving and such. I felt really bad, because I was supposed to teach the combined lesson today, but this morning it became very apparent I wasn't going to church. So I called her 30 minutes before church to tell her about the pregnancy, and that I wouldn't be able to teach the lesson. This is the first time the pregnancy has really prevented me from doing something.

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  1. 10-12 weeks was the worst for me with nausea! You look cute as ever!