Friday, October 30, 2015

The Flooding Disaster of 2015

Alex and I decided to leave the apartment world behind and rent a house. We had a connection in the ward and the price was right, so we jumped at the opportunity. No more sharing walls and being kept up at night. Plus, a garage! An extra bathroom! Two extra bedrooms! A yard! We were all scheduled to move in mid-October, but two weeks before we got a call from our landlord saying the house had flooded. Apparently a piece of the supply line to one of the toilets cracked and we had water running into the house for two days at 5 gallons per minute. One of the next door neighbors noticed water pouring out the side of the house and called the water company to come turn the water off. The neighbors don't know our landlord (she lives in Dallas) and it took a few days for someone to get a hold of her, so the house sat in all the water for a few days. We rushed right over once we found out about the flooding to check the damage. When we walked through the door the first thing I noticed was the musty, moldy smell. The water was pretty much gone, but there was a big puddle in the middle of the living room floor and all the carpets were soaked. It was a pretty sad sight.

The disaster relief crew came out the next day and we learned that all the flooring, baseboards, lower cabinets, and the drywall 2 ft. up the walls were destroyed. This obviously pushed back our move-in date, and we had to scramble a little to make sure we weren't homeless. We tried to extend the lease on our apartment, but it had already been leased out. Our landlord worked with us to find temporary housing, and we played around the idea of living in a hotel or getting something through airbnb. But those options just didn't feel right and were not very convenient. In the end we leased the apartment next door (same floor plan, just flipped). Don't ask me why the people leasing our old apartment couldn't just take this new one-the apartment policy is super irritating about units being "worth" different amounts. We boxed up our apartment with everything we didn't need for the next few months, and walked the rest of our things over. At least we knew where to put everything!

The house renovation started out with some drama (one contractor backed out) but we found a new one and they've started working. The sad news is we probably won't be able to move in until January. I'm trying to stay positive though-we're basically getting a brand new house after the renovations are finished.

Living in the new apartment is hard. We have absolutely NO carpet anywhere and it's already wearing on me. I know hard surfaces are "in" but I love carpet, especially in bedrooms. I just don't ever feel comfortable in the apartment. It's also hard living with boxes stacked throughout the apartment and having cold, bare walls. I'm really learning how important living in a decorated home is for my well being and happiness.

Oh, and of course when we moved to the new apartment the washer didn't quite get hooked up the right way (oops) and we almost had The Flooding Disaster of 2015 Part 2. Luckily we caught it really quickly and nothing was damaged. (I guess I can't whine about the hard floors too much.) But we did spend the good majority of one evening finding anything we could to mop up the water. (Of course I was washing the towels.) We found that our extra sets of sheets came in really handy, and were super grateful for the backup that came with extra towels to help. 

Hopefully the house renovations are finished quickly and we can move in soon. January can't come soon enough!

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