Sunday, November 8, 2015

6 Weeks

How far along? 6 weeks!

How big is baby? The size of a sweet pea!

Total weight gain/loss: Down a pound.

Maternity clothes: Not yet thankfully!

Sleep: I've been sleeping like crazy this week. I went to bed on time each night during the week (this is a big deal for me). And I've been napping the weekend away. This 1st trimester fatigue is no joke!

Best moment this week: Staying pregnant! I had a little scare this week. My advice: DON'T LOOK AT WEB MD! I freaked myself out, but then started reading things from my app group and realized it was normal and everything was probably totally fine. Alex gave me a blessing and we both feel confident things are okay.

Movement: None yet.

Food cravings: My appetite has been pretty normal this week. My one really strong craving came after someone mentioned going to a famous burger place for girls night out this weekend. I wanted one RIGHT NOW, but settled for a burger for dinner. This week at school they had a Thanksgiving lunch for the staff. It was so delicious. I am super pumped for Thanksgiving. 

Food Aversions: Still nothing too extreme. I'm already tired of crackers though, and my nausea hasn't even been that bad yet. My sweet tooth is coming back a bit, but I will still choose "regular food" over a dessert.

Gender prediction: Alex says boy, I say girl.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Lots of fatigue this week. Bloating and swelling haven't been as bad. I had my worst bit of nausea on Monday in the afternoon. I almost couldn't do one of my sessions at school. Thankfully it passed and I've felt pretty good the rest of the week! Lately I only get nauseous when I don't eat frequently enough.

What I miss: I miss having energy and feeling productive. I feel lazy when I get home from work and like I'm not contributing to the household tasks. I try to remind myself that I'm growing a human and that's pretty incredible. My job right now is to take it easy and rest, and if that means certain things don't get done, then that's okay.

What I am looking forward to: Our first doctor appointment! 

Upcoming appointments/events: Our first appointment is in 16 days!

Milestones: Making it a week without telling someone new about the pregnancy! It's nice being able to talk to our family and my friend. It makes it easier to keep the secret!

Miscellaneous info: This week Alex and I doubled with our friends Sarah and Josh. It was fun to have an evening talking about pregnancy, babies, and baby showers. And eating lots of yummy Thai food.

We also went to the temple to be there for the sealing of the Carrizales family. Alex taught and baptized the family while he was on his mission. It was a really special experience to be there with them in the temple. I was worried about sitting through a session without water, food, or running to the bathroom. For a while I thought I might just go to the sealing, but I decided I should go to both, and it ended up being okay. I got pretty weak and nauseous by the time we left the temple, but it was worth it, and I know I had a lot of help to make it through both the session and the sealing. 

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