Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sorensen Family Reunion

The last weekend in June, Alex flew to Utah last minute to visit his grandma. He just so happened to be there for a big family reunion with his grandma's extended family. He got to see lots of family at the reunion and he really enjoyed some quality time with his grandma. It was a super quick trip but we're both glad he got to go.

The flight home was a little interesting though. Alex flew US Airways, and I just have to start off by saying we were thoroughly unimpressed. His flight was 40 minutes late leaving Salt Lake City (he overheard it was because a flight attendant was running late). He talked to the people at the desk and they assured him he wouldn't miss his connecting flight. Well he did, by TWO minutes, as did 12 other passengers, because they don't hold the plane at the gate. All of the employees at the desk in Phoenix were extremely rude and unhelpful, but he got put on a later flight that would get in at 2:30 am! We were both pretty upset about this, because we were supposed to be leaving for our summer vacation the morning after Alex got home. This new flight was giving us a very short night of sleep. After waiting a few hours, it was finally time for Alex to board his new flight. But wait! No, they held the plane for 30 minutes so that 4 passengers could make their connecting flight. Are you kidding me?! How about let's be consistent with our policies? And in case you were wondering, you can't call US Airways customer service, you have to email, with a limited number of characters of course. 

Okay, rant over. But US Airways has lost our business.

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