Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Over the Edge with Make-A-Wish

So Alex's company has participated in a fundraiser with Make-A-Wish for the past two years. The individual's who raise enough money get to rappel with the company Over the Edge, 38 stories down the W Hotel in downtown Austin. 

Last year Alex and one of his co-workers, Jeff, worked really hard to raise enough money to rappel. Later they found out that their company had spaces for the event on Sunday, not Saturday. They tried to get spots on Saturday, but they were all full. They even went and volunteered all day long Saturday to hopefully get to sneak in a time to rappel. Sadly, they didn't get to. Alex was really disappointed, but I was really proud of him for sticking to his standards.

This year, the fundraiser coordinator for their company told Alex and Jeff he had arranged for them to have a slot on Saturday if they could raise enough money. (Apparently he felt really bad about last year.) Alex and Jeff worked super hard on their fundraiser (legit Texas BBQ and a silent auction) and they both earned their spots! 

So on a Saturday a few weeks ago I joined Jeff's wife Robin and we drove downtown to watch our guys rappel! The local news station was covering the event live, so we got to see them at the top, be interviewed, and get all strapped up and ready to rappel. Alex gave me a shout out in his interview, (so sweet) and then had the news guy ask me to yell up to him. Yeah... right, like they could hear me 38 stories up with traffic all around. But the news guy wouldn't let it go. I think he said my name like 15 times. "Megan Hutchings, yell if you can hear us. Megan Hutchings, Alex is going to be on rope 4. Megan Hutchings, can you see Alex is about to go? Megan Hutchings! Megan Hutchings! Megan Hutchings!!!!!" It was kinda embarrassing. 

But once Alex made it over the edge I ran out of the tent (see ya news guy) to watch him rappel down the building. Once he was actually on his way down I stopped being nervous and had fun watching him rappel. He did great, and Alex had a blast. I think he can't wait for next year.

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