Monday, July 6, 2015

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day was spent with family in Houston for my cousin's daughter's baptism. We were so happy to get to support my sweet little cousin, but we had a busy weekend and were cutting it close to make the baptism on Saturday. 

Alex was camping with the scouts Friday night and came home early so we could leave in time to make the baptism. He was a little late getting home thanks to the lightning the night before making the stoplight near our house go out. Traffic in Austin is no fun even when the lights are working!

We finally got on the road and around lunchtime stopped to grab some food. I think we waited a good 20+ minutes in the drive through. When does it ever take that long to get fast food? Once we got back on the road, not even 15 minutes later... flat tire. Oh my heck! We changed the tire as quickly as we could in our church clothes and got back on the road, again. At this point I was pretty sure we were going to be late. I was supposed to lead the music, so I text my cousin to let her know we might not make it right in time. I thought we would at least get there in time for the confirmation and hopefully the baptism if the talks ran long. And then...there was an accident on the freeway in Houston, closing every single lane of traffic. We sat there for 30 minutes and finally by the time we had made our way up to go around the accident, they had finished the clean up and all the emergency vehicles left, re-opening every single lane. Oh my heck! 

We made it in time for the end of the refreshments... I was super sad and disappointed we had completely missed the baptism! At least we were still able to celebrate at dinner with some amazing Mediterranean food. 

It was great to spend the rest of the weekend with extended family and see my aunt, uncle and cousins. We played lots of games, visited, and had good food. 

Sunday evening we went to the James Turrell Skyspace at Rice University. It's 45 minutes of watching the ceiling of the skyspace change colors to compliment the sunset along some of the Houston skyline. I was a little skeptical that I would be entertained by this for 45 minutes, but it was actually so cool. It definitely exceeded my expectations. 

Awesome weekend. Besides the missing the baptism part.

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