Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Babysitting in Utah

I spent two weeks in Utah recently to babysit my parent's dog while they were on a service trip. We realized that it would cost them about the same to pay a babysitter as it would be to fly me out, so I packed my bags and flew to Utah. I stayed an extra week so I could spend time with my parents too.

I happened to be in Utah for my dad's birthday, and it was fun that I got to celebrate with him. I also went shopping with my mom a bunch. I got some new trail shoes and we looked at stuff to decorate their new house. We even made it to Gardner Village, a favorite activity of the Leavitt girls. One night my mom and I went on a mother-daughter date to the movies to see "Inside Out". I loved it. And I loved hanging out with my parents for a week.

While my parents were gone I spent most of my time watching Sierra, obviously. We went hiking everyday, and it was fun to have her be my buddy. I also got to visit with lots of friends and family. I took a day trip to see my Leavitt grandparents, aunt and a few cousins one day. I took an un-planned trip down south for the memorial service for Alex's uncle. It was sad and hard to be there without Alex who wished he was there, but it was nice to see family and stay with my Radmall grandparents and get to visit with them.

It was a great trip, and I loved being in Utah in the summer. It was so nice to have cool weather in the morning/evening. I didn't even think or worry about the humidity, mosquitoes, or chiggers in the grass.  I loved it, but was happy to make it back to Alex. It's always so good to see Utah, the mountains, and family and friends, but we've really made Austin home and I was excited to be back.

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