Saturday, May 9, 2015

Walt Disney World-Magic Kingdom

Up next, Magic Kingdom! We spent one whole day, plus a few hours another evening in this park. 

Allison works in Magic Kingdom, and it was fun to have her give us the grand tour. Even though everyone in our family was familiar with Magic Kingdom and its rides, Allison had lots of cool things to show us and tell us. She had a surprise for us first thing in the morning on our long day in the park, and took us to one of the shops to get sprinkled with pixie dust! (The boys got pirate dust.)

While it was technically Alex's first visit to Magic Kingdom, he was still familiar with the park as it's pretty similar to Disneyland. Alex and I were most excited to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, since it was closed when we visited Disneyland a few years ago. Before we booked our tickets to Florida we made sure that it wouldn't be closed because I really wanted Alex to get to ride it. About a week before we flew out though Allie gave us the sad news that they were shutting it down for the exact days we would be there. Apparently Alex isn't meant to ride it! We did get to go on the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride though, which was awesome.

Besides doing the usual and going on rides, Allison took us to see a lot of characters. Princesses to be exact. I haven't done that many character greetings in a long time, but it was fun! 

One of my favorite things in Magic Kingdom was going to see the rides Allison works at. All of her cast mates were so excited to see her, and it was cool to have a visual for where Allie works. Also, I think she's adorable in her costume!

For dinner one night Allison got us reservations at Be Our Guest to eat in Beast's castle. It was so amazing! We were seated in the ballroom, which was the prettiest room in my opinion. We were also right by the snow frosted windows with snow falling outside. It was a magical setting and the food was super great. 

We also loved the parades and shows at the castle. And the fireworks were the bomb.

^First visit!^

^The two who got soaked on Splash Mountain.^ 

^The two who stayed dry!^ 

^No Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...again.^ 

^On the train.^ 

^My dad promised me a churro for my birthday.^ 

^Our circus girl!^ 

^Allie and I got picked to be knights at Enchanted Tales with Belle.^ 

^Pirates. Arr, matey.^ 

^Be Our Guest.^ 

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