Monday, May 11, 2015

Walt Disney World-Epcot

Last up is Epcot! It's my favorite park in WDW, I think because of the World Showcase. I love travel, different cultures, and this may be the closest I ever get to world travel. Hopefully not, but you never know.

We spent the most time in this park-one full day, one afternoon, and one night. It was a good thing too, because the park is so big and we still didn't get to do everything!

Once again, Allison had unique things to show us, like the free soda station with soda from many different countries. We also got to see lots of animals (dolphins), insects (butterflies), and lots of plants (flower and garden festival)!

Alex was able to get us unlimited fast passes to Test Track, which was awesome, as well as entrance into a special private lounge above the ride. He's so cool.

We also toured (and ate) our way around the World Showcase. We loved trying new foods, especially the sweets! Allison got us reservations to Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Norway one night. It's super hard to get reservations there because it's one of the few restaurants that has the princesses come around to your table. (We met like five.) The character greetings were fun, but I was most excited to eat Norwegian food since we have some ancestors from Norway. Man, it was delicious. I loved their pastries too, the school bread was the best.

And last but not least, IllumiNations was amazing. It was a great trip, especially the visiting Allison and vacationing with my family part.

^The soda! All very good, except the bitter one from Italy...^ 

^The private lounge at Test Track, with an awesome view of the ride and all of Epcot.^

^Designing my ultra-fast car for the ride that beat everyone else.^ 


^United Kingdom^




^Voices of Liberty at the United States.^






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  1. That looks super magical! I need to go there!