Thursday, May 7, 2015

Walt Disney World-Animal Kingdom

I've decided to break up my Disney World posts by each park, and up first is Animal Kingdom! 

Let me preface the reason for the trip a bit. My sister is doing the Disney College Program and is living and working in Florida. She really wanted the family to come visit her, and when she had free entrance into the park to offer it was a no brainer! 

Anyway, Animal Kingdom, we spent our first day in the parks there. We actually had pretty awesome weather that day, and the whole week for that matter. There was cloud coverage most days, and the heat wasn't excruciating. I feel like the heat can make or break your vacation (at least for my family), so I'm super happy we had such great weather. 

We went on the bigger rides in the morning, and spent most of the afternoon going to animal shows. My favorite was the bird show. Allison, Alex, and I even got to help with the pre-show and have a bird fly through our arms! Pretty cool. Animal Kingdom closes earliest of the parks, so it was kind of a short day but we had a great time. 

^The family by the Animal Kingdom tree!^

^On a safari.^

^Expedition Everest! Loved this new roller coaster.^

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