Friday, March 20, 2015

MLK Weekend

I'm a little behind with posts, but here's our Martin Luther King weekend.

We had planned to go camping for the weekend, but after being sick for the first part of January (bleh, worst and longest cold of my life) we were not well enough to go. Major bummer. So we decided to camp in our living room instead! We watched lots of movies and enjoyed just hanging out. Monday we decided to pull our bikes out of storage and take a ride downtown at Town Lake. We loved the new boardwalk they put in.

I was a little disappointed that the weekend didn't happen exactly how I'd hoped. I was really looking forward to camping because I was going a little stir crazy in our apartment. I quarantined myself for over two weeks during my illness. Mostly because I felt too ill to do anything. Thankfully though I have a husband who is always positive and optimistic (and has awesome ideas) and we were still able to have a surprisingly awesome weekend.


  1. Yay urban camping! Sorry about the sickness; such a bummer!

  2. Looks so fun! Someday we should go camping together...we've never been! You guys could show us how it's done :)