Friday, December 5, 2014

FHE Pie Party

Alex and I love pies. We connected over our love for pecan pie before we started dating. I even made Alex a pecan pie as a last ditch effort to let him know I was "interested" after a not so date-like date. In all honesty, I was probably overly paranoid, but the pie did its job! Pies have been important in our relationship ever since!

 We've been wanting to have a pie party for a long time, and even though our November was super busy, we decided to just go ahead and have one! We turned it into an FHE event and invited some of our friends over. We had such a great time and will definitely be making this a tradition. All the pies were great!

Dutch Apple


Chocolate Pecan

Chocolate Satin

Reese's Ice Cream

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