Saturday, September 20, 2014

Longhorn Cavern

Texas in late summer is very hot. The only time we really venture outside these days is to go to the pool. The rest of our time is spent indoors, and it's been hard for me. Summertime is for spending all day outdoors, right? It's been difficult adjusting my brain to think like a Texan. Summer = indoors or pool. Winter/Spring = no snow and lots of time outdoors! I'll have to get back to you on Texas weather in the fall. I'm expecting great things from it. As in, I'm expecting to do stuff outside here in the next few months.

Back in August Alex found a cave in Hill Country that we decided to check out with the hopes it would help us cool off a little bit. While the deepest part of the cave was pretty humid, near the mouth it was quite cool (for Texas anyway). It was also really awesome inside! We got to see bats sleeping and were told all about the cave's former days as a speakeasy during the prohibition. We also learned there are other caves in the area that we are excited to check out sometime.

 ^We loved seeing the sleeping bats.^

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