Thursday, September 25, 2014

Labor Day

We really enjoyed our Labor Day weekend, even with the Texas heat. My cousin and her family visited from Houston and we loved having them!

Our weekend consisted of Tex Mex, South Congress bat bridge, waffles, Blue Bell ice cream, Blue Hole, and lots of good visiting.

I was really excited for the bat bridge. I've been wanting to go since we moved here because the internet says it's an Austin must-see. There are two different viewing options, and since my cousin has kids we opted for under the bridge. We got there a little late, but we still got to see plenty of bats, and it was awesome. While you can only see the blurred outlines of the bats, the view was amazing, so I still included some pictures.

Monday we all drove to Blue Hole in Wimberley and met up with a bunch of people from our ward. Going to a swimming hole was another item on my Austin bucket list and I'm glad our ward friends introduced us to the awesomeness that is Blue Hole. The highlight of the park was definitely the rope swings. The chain on the adult swing broke before I could build up my courage to go, but I had fun watching everyone and wasting our camera battery on getting pictures of jumps. Our camera definitely wasn't the greatest for action shots, but we tried. My favorite was a picture of my cute lil' cousin being brave and going on the adult swing.

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