Sunday, May 4, 2014

Master Megan

You may now call me Master Megan! I have the hood and everything.

I did it! (Well, almost). As soon as I finish up my last externship they can mail me my diploma. I made it through grad school somehow and I'm so glad I did it! It was definitely one of the hardest things I have done. I wanted to quit every single day my first semester, but I'm glad I stuck it through to the end. 

Alex and I flew out to Utah for graduation. I decided to go to both commencement and convocation. I figured since I came all the way out for graduation, I should go to both!

Commencement was awesome. Alex Smith was the speaker and he actually did a really great job. As a new honorary doctorate he gave out prescriptions rather than advice. I thought it was pretty clever! He also asked the entire audience to get up and "boo" him. We were re-enacting an actual event that happened to him. I was hesitant to actually "boo" someone, but when he told us to imagine he was Bronco Mendenhall or Taysom Hill the cougar fan in me was offended and I found the task of booing much easier. ;)

 ^My family was awesomely supportive and sat through commencement with me.^

^Allison finally made it to one of my college graduations. Now I can stop giving her a hard time about missing the last one.^

Convocation was great as well! I got to see all my classmates again who made the crazy grad school journey with me. 

^I got to shake the hand of Bishop H. David Burton!^

^I also got my diploma holder.^ 

^My family, Alex's family, and my grandparents came to support me. They're the best.^

^Congratulations to my awesome classmates and brand new SLP's! I couldn't have made it without you all!

^And of course, I know I wouldn't have survived this journey without the support of this guy. Thanks for being there through it all!^

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