Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our First Visitor!

My dear friend Austi came to visit us at the end of January. It was so nice to see a friendly, familiar face. Moving to a new state has been a little exhausting socially. Everyone I come in contact with is brand new to me (except Alex of course). My internship for grad school covers two elementary schools and a high school. Then there's our new ward members and Alex's co-workers and their spouses. It's been extremely tiring trying to remember people's names and anything else they tell me about themselves. Having Austi come was great because I already know her! I could finally have some social interaction where my brain didn't have to work so hard.

Unfortunately Alex and I had to work, but we were able to have a little fun while Austi was here. We had a 'girls day out' one day and got manicures, went out to lunch and saw the movie "Frozen". We also had a museum day on the weekend and toured the capitol building and a few other museums. 

We loved having Austi come and hope that she comes to visit again soon! 

*I'm gonna throw this out there: we love company, so don't hesitate to invite yourselves for a visit!

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