Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Long Distance

Living in two different states for two months was no picnic, and to be honest it's hard for me to dictate exactly how hard it was for us. Getting on the plane in Texas by myself was SO hard. I cried the whole flight.

Thankfully I had my family waiting for me in Utah, and living with them really helped keep me happy and not so lonely. Alex wasn't as lucky. He was living alone and without a vehicle, but he managed pretty well. He was pretty positive about the situation, but his optimism didn't stop me from worrying about him. I felt really bad that he didn't have a vehicle, but it made more sense for me to have our car. Our apartment in Texas is about 2 miles from Alex's work, and I had 45 miles to travel to school everyday. So I kept the car, and Alex used my bike (which was too small for him) to get to work. It wasn't ideal, but I am proud of us for making the sacrifices we did so that Alex could take the job he wanted and I could still finish school. 

On a happier note, we are really lucky that we got to see each other every day thanks to modern technology and Google hangout. We also tried to keep busy and have fun, even though we were 1,000 miles apart. 

I filled my time:

Visiting Gardner Village with cousins.

Celebrating Halloween with my family.

Celebrating with my Grandpa on his 80th birthday!

Alex kept busy too:

 Test driving fancy cars.

Hangin' out at the pool.

 And sending me flowers at school. My husband is the best.

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