Saturday, March 8, 2014

Christmas Break

Christmas break marked the end of the separation period! We spent the next few days with my family trying to fit in some quality time. It was an interesting time for me emotionally. There was joy in being reunited with my husband, but sadness at the same time, because Alex coming meant having to start saying goodbye to our family and friends. And my beloved Utah. 

Allison was dying to see The Hobbit with the family, so we saw that one night, and the other we went to Thanksgiving Point to see the lights and reindeer. 

A few days after Alex flew in we drove down to St. George to spend Christmas with his family. Our first night there we went to the live Nativity at the Tuacahn. It was a great production. I especially loved the real animals, including a camel!

Christmas Sunday

Sunday night we went to the St. George Temple grounds to see the Nativity and Christmas lights.

I've been wanting to hike the Red Mountain for ages, so over the break Alex and I decided to go. I didn't realize it was more of a climb than a hike, but I conquered my fears and made it to the top! I was very proud of myself, because climbing the mountain was really hard and scary. I wouldn't have made it without Alex's support and motivation though. This climb was another reminder that Alex is the perfect match for me. 

After our hike we visited Alex's Robertson grandparents.

Christmas Eve I learned about the Hutchings Family traditions. We had the Christmas Eve program which includes reading part of the Christmas story found in the New Testament. Later we went to look at Christmas lights and found an amazingly decorated house.

Christmas morning tradition requires all children to strike a pose as they jump out of the hallway.

The highlight of Christmas was getting to Skype our missionary!

Christmas Dinner!

The day after Christmas we drove through central Utah to visit our favorite niece and nephews and wish them a Merry Christmas.

That evening we attended the Betts Christmas Party. Alex's Grandma made each of her (many) grandchildren a quilt!

After we arrived back in Utah County we had Christmas with my family. 

It was a busy Christmas break but we really enjoyed spending a lot of quality time with our families!

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