Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alex's Birthday & Thanksgiving

One of the best things about Alex's new job is all the vacation days he gets! We definitely took advantage of those days to spend the least amount of time apart as possible. We got a whole 9 days together over Thanksgiving break, including Alex's birthday!

We started the day off right with a yummy homemade breakfast. 

After breakfast, it was time for presents! Or the present, as there was only one this year. I felt kinda bad about that, so I tried to make opening the one and only present more memorable and last longer.

I love how the pictures below show the progression of Alex's thoughts so well. From "Really?", to "Okay, this is kind of funny.", back to "Seriously?".

He decided it was worth it in the end though, because he got a brand new bike! I think he was most excited at the idea of not having to ride a bike that was too small for him anymore.

We finished the celebrations with a family party! Alex requested a spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

We also celebrated with Alex's family in St. George.

Thanksgiving was with my family this year in Southern Utah. I love having the traditional 5 kernels of corn on my plate and listening to my grandpa read the story about the pilgrims from The Friend. We also learned a new game-Kubb. I never thought throwing blocks of wood at others blocks of wood could be fun! I did my first ever Black Friday shopping this Thanksgiving. We didn't go for the mayhem on Thursday, but Friday we found some pretty good deals and it wasn't as horribly packed as I imagined.

The best part of Thanksgiving though was being with Alex. We missed each other a lot. He was super sweet and surprised me with flowers and chocolate when we got to St. George.

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