Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Move

September was phase one of our big move! It took a lot of my mental energy, because I needed to separate all of our things into four piles: the take it to Texas pile, the "Alex" pile (what he needed for two weeks), the "Megan" pile (what I needed for over two months), and the "move it ourselves" pile. 

Alex's company paid for movers, and it was such a blessing. Having someone else pack up and move our things was awesome! The movers came on my day off from school, so I just sat around for 8 hours doing homework and reading while they packed everything up and loaded it on the truck. I think they thought I was annoying at times, but I just wanted to make sure my stuff was okay!

^The couch became our "don't take it" pile.^

^I kept less than half of my wardrobe with me int Utah. I was a little proud of myself .^

^All clean and ready to turn in our keys!^

^Saying goodbye to our view.^

We stayed at my parents house for two weeks before we flew out to Texas. Then in October it was time for phase two of the move. We were excited when we finally made it to Texas, and even happier when our things were delivered, but it was definitely a bittersweet time. We only had a week before I went back to Utah. Alex started work right away, so I was left with the job of unpacking the house. I was determined to get everything unpacked before I left, and I'm proud to say I did it!

^We love our new apartment! It's much roomier than our last.^

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