Friday, October 11, 2013

Yellowstone Day 3

Day three we decided to do another 5 mile hike to see Fairy Falls. This hike was honestly pretty ugly, as the area up to the falls was a burn scar affected by a wildfire years ago. But the hike was worth it because the falls were amazing!

We then headed to northwestern Yellowstone to see Mammoth Hot Springs. My parents were pretty disappointed when we got there. I guess the amount of water and path that it flows changes over time, and it was pretty dry when we visited. My parents told us about the last time we came, and how the water was just gushing over the rocks.

Our destination for the evening was Lamar Valley to look for wildlife. We had a pretty long list of animals we wanted to see. In the end we only saw a lot of bison and some eagles. Allison was a little sad we didn't get to see any bears or wolves. The bison were incredible, and the valley was beautiful, so it was a successful evening in my book.

We had a picnic dinner during our evening in Lamar Valley. We found a table close to the river and ate in a picturesque corner of the valley.

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