Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yellowstone Day 2

Our second day in Yellowstone we crossed our fingers and made the 5 mile round-trip hike to the Lone Star Geyser. We had heard that this was one of the 'big geysers' we needed to see. It's not monitored by park rangers, so no one really knows when it's scheduled to go off, just that it goes off about every three hours. They have a time log for visitors to mark, but of course you have to hike the 2.5 miles before you can look at it. 

The hike was beautiful, so even if we never got to see the geyser, it would have been worth it.

We made it to the geyser, and found a group of people gathered to wait. The couple that had been there the longest had been waiting for over two hours, so we felt pretty confident we would get to see the geyser.

While we waited, someone spotted a coyote. It was our first 'real' animal sighting of the trip!

We waited for about a half hour and the geyser went off! We were all pretty pleased with our timing.

After our hike we went to the Grand Prismatic Spring. It was very pretty and I loved the colors, I just secretly hoped they had some sort of observation point where we could get a birds eye view.

We went back to camp early so Alex and I could make a dutch oven dinner and dessert for my mom for her birthday. It was our first time trying, and although it took forever it turned out okay!

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