Monday, October 14, 2013

Farewell Tex

Alex's truck that we fondly call 'Tex' finally bit the dust a few weeks ago. We were sad to see him go, but it wasn't worth it to repair him this time. Tex was a really good truck for Alex and he had a big part in our dating.

Alex picked me up from work for our first date, and when I walked out to the parking lot at BYU the first image I had of Alex was him sitting on the back of his truck (its was sans shell at this point) looking off across campus. I will forever have that image in the back of my mind because I remember thinking, "Oh man, he is so attractive." 

I learned how to drive a manual in Tex, and once I had shifting down, Alex would have me shift for him while he drove so we could hold hands. 

Alex and I had most of our private conversations in Tex. We were also leaning against him when we had our first kiss.

Alex stopped to help people on the side of the road a lot while we were in Tex, and I realized what a good man Alex was.

I sat in the middle of the bench seat a lot so I could cuddle with Alex while we drove.

We had so many good memories in that truck. There are also some things that I really did not like about Tex.
Mainly just that he broke down a lot. It seemed like there was always something that needed to be fixed. 

The biggest disappointment was when he broke down two weeks before we got married. I was really stressed because that was the only vehicle we had between the two of us. But things worked out and my parents paid to have Tex repaired as a wedding gift. 

He made it through our first year of marriage, but now has moved on to truck heaven.

Thanks for the all the good memories Tex!


  1. I always knew when Alex was coming to pick you up for a date bc I could hear "Tex" coming around the block - I'm sorry for your loss :)