Monday, July 29, 2013

Fish Lake

Our Hutchings family vacation this summer was at Fish Lake. Alex went camping with his family there a lot growing up, and he was excited to show me around and give me the "Fish Lake experience". 

One of their favorite things to do at Fish Lake is guessed it-fish. I have to admit I wasn't super excited about fishing for five hours early in the morning, but once I got a brand new pink accented fishing pole, I was excited. 

The morning we rented the boat was beautiful. We fished for a few hours, took the grandkids on a ride around the lake, and I even squeezed in a little nap in the sunshine. In the end, Sam was the only one who caught a fish. Kind of a bummer, but we were glad someone was able to catch one!

The next evening a few of us tried shore fishing. This time we got skunked, but we had fun regardless. Better luck next time. 

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  1. Hey!! My family goes to Fish Lake every year! We have a cabin there and we were just there July 19-21. Is that when you were there? i could've sworn we saw your boat! haha. We didn't have much luck fishing either.