Thursday, April 4, 2013


March 17th was my 24th birthday and it was so incredible thanks to my wonderful husband. He planned a birthday week for me  leading up to the big day. He made me feel so special all week long. The week was themed in 'dozens' since I turned two dozen. 

Sunday: A dozen orange rolls

Monday: A dozen cinnamon bears and a dozen notes from Alex and our primary class

Tuesday: Two dozen dollar bills

Wednesday: A dozen balloons

Thursday: A surprise dinner

Friday: A dozen roses when we went to dinner with my family at Texas Roadhouse

Saturday: Alex took me to dinner and then successfully distracted me for a few hours before he surprised me with a birthday party at my parents' house. I was shocked! I had absolutely no clue and was so grateful for everyone who took the time to make it out to the party. I wish I had taken pictures but being surprised I was a little unprepared. 

Sunday: The main event! We went to my family's house for dinner and presents.

It was a great birthday and I am so thankful to Alex and my family for making it a special day.

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