Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Six Month Anniversary

Alex planned our anniversary and he really outdid himself. I found out a few days beforehand what he had planned. He mailed me an invitation to The Phantom of the Opera at BYU. I was secretly hoping that he would take me. I never even dropped a hint and he planned exactly what I wanted! 

After the show we went to dinner at our favorite Korean restaurant, Sam Hawk, for some pork bulgogi. There's nothing quite like the Provo food scene and we sort of miss it a little. I especially miss good shakes. I've been craving a shake for a long time as there just aren't good shake places around where we live. Alex really wanted to try the new mint brownie ice cream from the BYU Creamery, and since they have shakes, we went there for dessert. Um, why have I never known about the complete perfection of a shake from the creamery? Best. shake. ever. 

I couldn't let Alex plan all of the celebrations, so Sunday I made him a few treats. For our breakfast for lunch (we have 9 am church) I made Bacon Balls. I found the recipe via pinterest. Alex is a big bacon fan and I thought he would enjoy them. He did. Me...not so much. I'm not a huge bacon fan and there was a lot of bacon involved. Later I made Alex's favorite dessert, chocolate chip cookies, and we ate them for dinner. Real healthy, I know. 

It was a great anniversary and I'm so glad I got to spend a little time with my husband! Here's to another happy six months!


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