Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Wrap-up

Alex and I really enjoyed our first Christmas together.  We decided that since we don't have kids, we'll visit our families for a few years before Christmas Eve and Christmas morning become something we do with our own little family. Even though we weren't at our home for Christmas Day, I'm glad that we still got a tree and decorated. We were able to participate in old traditions and start some new ones.

Alex and I love real trees, so we've decided we will always have one. I also like to have my Nativity on display.

I have always enjoyed poinsettia's and Alex surprised me with one for our coffee table. I want to start a tradition of decorating with them every Christmas.

Alex's cousin gave us a Christmas ornament as a wedding present that has been passed around the Hutchings family. It's a beautiful silver bulb that has 'First Christmas' engraved in it. Included was a list of all the couples in the family that have had the ornament for their first Christmas. We have loved having it on our tree and are excited to pass it along to cousins and siblings.

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