Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Forgotten Carols

My parents got our little family of five tickets to the Forgotten Carols by Michael McLean for Saturday. It's one of our favorite Christmas traditions that we do every couple of years. It always falls just a few weeks before finals, and I am so grateful it does! It's nice to stop for an evening and remember that my life isn't going to be over, it is good, and I only have to endure two more weeks. I'm reminded  that this life is about more than finals and school-it's about learning and growing, becoming more like Jesus Christ, and showing gratitude for everything He has done for us. 

So thank you Forgotten Carols for putting things back in perspective for me.

Sadly, we didn't get any pictures because I forgot my dad has this syndrome called, "We must leave the performance the second it is over so we can beat everyone out of the parking lot. It is a race. And we will win."

On our way home we went to the grocery store to get some basics: you know, ice cream, cereal, and sparkling cider. While we were there we found this huge bone that I think Sierra would love. Too bad it's way not worth the price. 

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  1. um you are so cute. i love everything about this picture :)