Sunday, October 28, 2012

Three Month Anniversary

Three Months People!
Friday began just like any other day - at the butt crack of dawn.  School, stress, and work seemed bound and determined to make the day less than what we had planned....too bad Megan is way too cool to let that happen!  She came down to Provo so that we could get some fun in before the day was done.

Here we are at The Old Spaghetti Factory, celebrating three months as an old married couple.  Last time we enjoyed this Italian finery it was right before I popped the big question; needless to say I wasn't as focused on the food in May as I obviously was on Friday.  That sausage was real good!  Megan is still as "in to me" as she was ~5 months ago though ;)

After dinner we decided that, for dessert, we would try to become popsicles instead of eating some.  So, we headed up Provo Canyon to take a ride on the ski lift at Sundance.  They had the trip decked out for Halloween with graveyards, zombie crossings, and crazy doctors.  And lots of cold wind.  Lots.  It's a good thing I was there to keep Megan warm.  She was having a hard time with how cold it was.  We had to get some hot chocolate for her to warm up after the ride..............

P.S. Don't tell anyone but I was the cold one - not quite ready for winter to come yet.


  1. Comment attempt three: (they have all been different by the way) :) Whoa good job brother! Andrew would never write on our blog...well maybe if you paid him a million dollars. Glad you didn't turn into popcicles for too long! I wonder how you would have tasted...

  2. I like it when Alex writes. He should do it more often. I'm glad you had fun and that Megan is still "in to you".