Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Season of Love

Is it just me, or do a lot of people seem to be getting engaged this fall? Within the last couple of weeks I've had eight couples I know get engaged. Eight!

I am so incredibly excited for everyone. Marriage is awesome! And I just love weddings... They are truly magical.

Two of my favorite couples got engaged the same day.

One was my dear friend Jordan, who I grew up with (we made forts and wrote stories and had imaginary husbands and babies). Her fiancee is one lucky guy, and I think they make a beautiful couple.

[pic via facebook]

The other is Alex's cousin Dave! Family weddings are the best and I AM SO EXCITED.  Alex and I love Dave's fiancee Allison. We like Dave a lot too. So much so that we made him a groomsman at our wedding.  And now Alex gets to be a groomsman at Dave's wedding. Tender! (That was for you Dave).

[pic via facebook]

Speaking of our wedding, Dave just so happened to be the one to catch the garter. I guess it worked out for him. And guess what is also the cutest? Dave and Allison are getting married on our six month anniversary!

And I couldn't end without posting about the engagement of one of my box office babes! The lovely Karli got engaged and I am so very happy for her.

[pic via facebook]

Happy wedding planning everyone, and congratulations!

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