Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Break

Can I just say it was soooo nice having a fall break? I really needed it. I didn't think I should quit school once all week! Which, by the way, is a first. Sadly, Alex didn't get a break because, you know, he goes to BYU and they don't get breaks. I suffered through it for five years babe, so I understand your pain.

I made sure I had some fun, but I was a responsible student too. I am way behind after all. Still not caught up. Maybe by the end of the semester?

Even though it was technically a 'break', it was pretty crazy.

Here's a list of everything that happened:
  • Gardner Village with my mom and Annie. We had so much fun showing Annie around (it was her first time there).
  • I got a Halloween decoration that I love love love.
  • Orson Gygi with my mom and Annie. Such a cool store. And we were so proud of culinary student Annie for not buying anything.
  • Laundry! (See how responsible I was?)
  • Shopping at Target. I finished off the last of our wedding gift cards. I got some cute rugs for the kitchen and laundry room, a step-stool (yay), and some clothes for me and the Mr. 
  • Alex came home with bloodshot, scratched, infected eye. Our kind Optometrist neighbor gave Alex a sample antibiotic.
  • Dinner and visiting with brother Clay. He spent the night on our couch. I mean love seat.
  • BYU campus with Alex. All. day. long. I was an awesome study-er. 
  • Wendy's for dinner (my favorite fast food) because we were both in Provo and were really tired/hungry.
  • Dad Hutchings came to visit! He did not sleep on our love seat. 
  • Shopping with my momma! I got some cute clothes for clinic.
  • Eye Dr. visit with Alex. He got a stronger antibiotic and his eye is doing much better.
  • Wasted time watching TV for half a day. I got caught up on my shows, though, so...
  • Studied studied studied for the rest of the day (after TV).
  • Cleaned with the Mr. 
  • Watched BYU lose.
  • Studied some more!

That my friends, was my break in a nutshell. I hope you all had a lovely week too.

Enjoy some pics from Gardner Village and of my new Halloween decoration:

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  1. cute meg! love the decoration.

    you shouldn't feel bad for having a little down time and watching some television. i watch a little bit every day. how else would i stay sane? lol.

    glad you had a fun week. we need to get together some time and catch up. i miss you!