Monday, October 22, 2012

Capstone Party

Since the Mr. is in his last year of his major, he participates in a senior design (Capstone) project. His team's mentor invited all the guys and their significant others over for dinner and games. We had Wallaby's take out! Delish. I made the husband's favorite salad to take. 

The Group:

We split into groups for a tower-building competition. It was boys against girls, a.k.a the engineers against the non-engineers. I was thinking it was a pretty unfair division, but at least the boys had to go first.

The boys were very meticulous with their design and made sure to have a stable structure. Very engineerish of them.

They measured in at 34 inches.

The girls had a somewhat organized and planned out system, but we basically just started stacking blocks on top of each other.

Our tower measured in at 36 1/2 inches. That's right! The lowly people in the 'girly' majors made a taller tower than the engineers. Of course we were very proud.

It was a really fun night! And before we left my old high school stomping ground (Alex's mentor is from PG!), we had to make a stop at the turtle to get my favorite shake in existence.

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