Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding: The Luncheon

The Decorations 
Alex's family put on a wonderful luncheon. The decorations were so cute, and I loved how they incorporated our colors and some of our favorite things.

The Food
The food was fantastic! Alex's mom was very thoughtful and included mine and Alex's favorite salads in the menu. I know a lot of the Hutchings and Betts extended family helped with the food and preparations, and we are so grateful for all they did. We are also very grateful to the Wood family for their help in the kitchen. 

The Program
We had an amazing program at the luncheon. Clay, the best man, was the MC. First, he had each table send a representative to the microphone to introduce their table to everyone. It was so fun listening to, especially my Uncle Steve, who always has great jokes to crack. Then we watched the traditional slideshow with pictures of Alex and I growing up. The program was finished with each of our parents speaking to us. That was really special to me and I'm glad we had the chance to hear how much they love us. 

Our Supportive Family & Friends
We are so grateful for everyone who came to our wedding. It meant the world to us!

The Ear Rubbers
I thought this was funny.

All pictures taken by Claire Marika Photography

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