Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Refreshing Weekend

I really needed this past weekend. It was pretty laid back, but we also got a lot of things done we've been meaning to for a while. Friday night was date night! Alex and I have been pretty good about making it a priority. I told the Mr. I wanted to plan our date for the weekend. First, we went to Chipotle for dinner. It's one of Alex's fav's and I am always up for some Tex Mex.

 If you look closely at the burrito you can see the heart Alex made for me out of the tin foil.

Our activity was a trip to Barnes & Noble (Does anyone else miss Borders as much as I do?). We had to find a book we both were interested in that we could buy with our leftover date money. I think we had about $9.00, and it was a lot harder than I had anticipated! It would probably have been a lot easier to pick something if we had both been willing to get something in paperback, but everything we really liked we wanted in hardback. So we browsed the bargain shelves and found this:

The Giant Bathroom Reader. My family got a bathroom reader for a white elephant years ago and it actually has some pretty interesting stuff. We almost got it, but then we found the historical books and changed our minds. We found a New York Times Bestseller, and it sounded interesting to us, so we got it:

The Bedford Boys by Alex Kershaw. We started reading it on Sunday and we've really enjoyed it so far. It's about a small town in Virginia that had 22 of their 35 soldiers killed on D-Day. It's also supposed to be the story that inspired Saving Private Ryan. 

Saturday I got my hair cut (hallelujah-my bangs were driving me ca rAzy) and I finally hit my breaking point with the apartment. It has been so so so dirty and disorganized. Alex and I are so busy that we've let the cleaning go a bit, and we still haven't unpacked all the way. The dirtiness and piles and boxes of papers got to me, and we went on a cleaning/organizing frenzy. When I went to bad that night I felt so much better. My house was clean and I felt like I could function again.

Sunday night was Leavitt Family Dinner. All of the Utah County (plus Draper) family members get together every month for dinner, dessert, and visiting. And now that my cousin Amanda is pregnant we have so much to talk about! I'm extremely excited for her, and I can't wait to know what she's having. (I hope it's a girl.)

I also got to give my parents their copy of our wedding video. I have been a little obsessed with watching it, and it was fun to watch it... again.

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