Monday, September 10, 2012

A BYU Kind of Weekend

I may be attending the University of Utah for graduate school, but I'm a Cougar fan through and through. I've always liked those t-shirts that say, "I cheer for BYU, and whoever is playing Utah." When I started at the U, I thought I'd be able to cheer on Ute football along with the rest of the students (as long as they weren't playing BYU of course). However, I found myself being quite amused that Utah State beat the Utes Friday night. So much for being excited for Utah, right? I'm trying, honest. I think it'll be a work in progress.

 Rather than spend my evening watching the Utah football game, I spent it here:

Oh how I miss that campus...

The reason we came down was because Alex was invited to attend a dinner hosted by the St. George chapter of the Alumni Association here:

The first five minutes of the meeting involved encouraging the students to join their Alumni Association chapter when they graduate, and to participate in Choose 2 Give. And then they fed us dinner. Interesting, but it was free food, so we didn't care.

Then Alex went to work for a few more hours and I studied in the library. It was so nice to be in a familiar place, where I have my study spot, my favorite bathroom stall, and where I can leave my computer and backpack unattended to use the phone in the stairwell and not be afraid my things will get stolen.

Later Alex came back to campus and we went to The Avengers in the Varsity Theater for free because the Mr. is a Mechanical Engineering major. And they gave us free drinks and popcorn. So... BYU gave us a completely free date night. Thanks BYU.

Saturday was game day for the Cougars, and Alex and I could actually watch this game since it was on BYU TV. We went shopping in the morning for our game day food, which consisted of the ingredients for 7 layer dip and some Spanish Sprite bottles that Alex found.

BYU won! So it was a successful and happy afternoon.

The rest of the day was spent doing homework. Boy, do I have a lot of it. I've discovered that graduate school=insane amounts of reading and homework. I am way WAY way behind on my reading. Saturday night I finally got caught up on week 1 reading. Yeah... I'm that behind. I worked so hard to get week 1 done that we had to celebrate with a little ice cream from Sub Zero.

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