Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Eleven years ago today I was in my bathroom getting ready for school when my parents called me into their bedroom. They were watching the news and it was there I first heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center. I watched for as long as I could without making myself late for school and then returned to the bathroom. My parents called me back moments later and said they had seen a plane fly into the second tower. I was only twelve, and I didn't understand initially that it meant it couldn't have been an accident.

9/11 usually rolls around and while writing the date in my notes for school I realize, "Oh, it's today." This morning was different. Facebook reminded me. The great thing though was that I found this link thanks to it:

I had planned to get a lot of reading done, make myself a great lunch, and work out this morning before class, but I spent that time reviewing the timeline instead. It's fantastic, you should really check it out. It helped me keep the events of eleven years ago more on my mind throughout the day.

I am so grateful for all those who fought for freedom that day.

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