Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Honeymoon

Alex and I spent our honeymoon in Midway, Utah. We wandered into Heber and Park City a few times too. It was so beautiful up there. Alex spoiled me a little bit. We spent the first half of our trip at the Zermatt Resort. We explored the resort, went mini-golfing, snorkeled in the Crater at the Homestead, ate in fancy restaurants, and Alex even sent me to get a pedicure. The last half of our trip was spent at the Johnson Mill Bed & Breakfast. It was so quaint and we loved it! The grounds were beautiful, we made friends with a swan, and we got to canoe on the pond. We also went on a few hikes to Cascade Springs and a trail we found in the Uintas, wrapping up with a trip up to Memorial Hill in Midway. Our first FHE was spent reading The Family: A Proclamation to the World and then going bowling where Alex bowled a 201! We finished our trip with lunch at Dairy Keen, a ride on the Alpine Slide, and watching an amazing rainstorm.

The Zermatt Resort

Cafe Galleria

Professional Put-put Course

The Crater at the Homestead

The Johnson Mill Bed & Breakfast

Cascade Springs

Tarahumara w/ a Salsa Bar

First FHE

Hiking the Uintas

Memorial Hill

Dairy Keen

Alpine Slide


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