Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our New Life

With the start of mine and Alex's new life, we've decided to start a blog together. We've been married for 13 days and are loving it! Being married is so much better than dating or being engaged. We are slowly getting settled into our apartment. We have an open house this weekend in southern Utah, and we were advised to wait until we had all of our presents before we started using them and putting them away. So far it's turned out to be good advice. We've received multiple crock pots, sets of dishes, and lots of mixing bowls. Not everyone likes to give gift receipts we've realized, so it will be good to see what we can take back before we start to use things. The only downside to this method though is trying to function on the few things we already had. Plus, I think Alex is getting tired of using my purple and white checkered sheets and pink blanket on the bed. I don't know why...they're really cute and quite comfy! Alex took his final for his summer class this morning, and I start school on the 20th, so... we have about a week to get all situated. Wish us luck!

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