Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Wedding Present

My Grandpa Radmall and I have a special relationship. We've spent my entire life teasing one another. He should have known I had inherited his mischievous gene the day I was born-we have a great picture of me winking at him. When I was little I used to grab his glasses out of his shirt pocket and hide them around the house.

 As I got older and more mature, it wasn't cute or funny for me to steal his glasses anymore, so I had to find new and creative ways to tease him. Grandpa has 'his chairs'-one at the table, and a recliner in the family room. Obviously I would sit in them so he couldn't. The recliner teasing lasted for many years, until one time he tried to tip me out of it and bent the foot rest.

 Another favorite teasing took place when I first started college. I wanted to look through the movie cabinet, and my grandpa did everything he could to prevent me. We went at it for a couple of minutes-me trying to get in, him blocking me, when he whispered to me, "Grandma's Mother's Day present is in there." Silly me, I fell for it. When I realized he'd been pulling my leg I knew I had to get him back. While he was at a church meeting I got out every single movie my grandparents owned and made a pathway from the back door to his chair. Of course we left before he got home and he was stuck with re-organizing the movie cabinet.

 My all-time favorite teasing is where the wedding present comes in. At a family reunion a few years ago my grandpa bought some canned fruit juices. They were all pretty good...except the Mango. My grandpa didn't want leftover juice cans, and so he tried to make people take the extras home. He was successful except for the mango juice. No one would take them-they really were disgusting. So, everyone left and my grandpa was stuck with two cans of mango juice. My family was staying at my grandparents house, and before we left my grandpa snuck the juice cans into our cooler as a surprise for me when we got home. Of course the only logical course of action for me was to wrap them up and give them back to him as a Christmas present. Ever since, the can (one got lost along the way) has been passed back and forth. I'm pretty proud of how clever we both have been in giving them to each other.

 Anyway, I bet you can see where this is going. My grandpa had the can right before we got married. The story of my last hiding: We had been visiting and went to church with my grandparents. Alex forgot to bring a tie and borrowed one of my grandpa's. He told Alex to keep it, but I thought it would be perfect to wrap the can in the tie when I gave it back. Here's the video of Alex and I opening our wedding present from my grandpa. Excuse the bad lighting-the light in our living room was burned out.

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